How Much Does It Cost to Install a Trailer Hitch for Bike Rack?

How much does it cost to get a hitch installed?

Have you ever seen a metal bar sticking out the back of a vehicle? It was probably a hitch.

A tow hitch is a device that is fixed onto a vehicle for the purpose of connecting it to a trailer.

Some vehicles come with a hitch but some vehicle companies sell them separately.

Tow bars are irrelevant to some people, but there are reasons why some people have them installed.

Uses  of a hitch 

1. Towing trailers

This is the main reason why people install a hitch. Trailers are very beneficial when it comes to transporting extra cargo at the back that won’t fit in a trunk.

A hitch will help you tow a vehicle and RV as well.

2. Installing a bike rack

Do you need a hitch to install a bike rack?

What class hitch should I get for a bike rack?

This is for avid cyclists.

If you have one or two bikes that need frequent transport, a hitch will come in handy for installing the hitch mount bike rack.

It is easier and cheaper to install the bike rack when your car already has a hitch.

3. Cargo management

If you are adventurous and enjoy the luxury of camping and travelling, a hitch will be useful to hold the carrier that will house your travel supplies.

Note: Different vehicles have different towing capacities based on their size. Check your car manual to know how much weight your car can bear.

4. Safety

Did you know that there is a gadget known as the Superbumper?

It is a shock-absorbing hitch bumper that reduces the impact of a crash from the back.

Some people use bumpers to reduce the effects of an accident, however, the bumper will only protect you from the back and it does not necessarily damage-proof the vehicle.

5. Extra cargo security

If you carry luggage on the roof, a hitch will give you a firm point to which you can tie it down with ropes or straps for extra stability and security.

See how versatile a hitch is?

Now let’s get into the Cost of Installing a Hitch.

Hitch installation cost for a bike rack

To install a hitch, you will have to prepare yourself adequately financially. 

Some factors that affect the price of hitch installation include

  • Type of hitch
  • Vehicle type
  • the company’s rates, 
  • labour fees
  • brand of the hitch itself.

A well-known company known as U-haul offers installation at a fee of between $100 and $250 excluding equipment and parts.

Most mechanics will probably charge around $250 to even $1000 depending on the factors listed earlier.

The dealership should be your last resort. This is because many people have reported high prices going up to even $1600.

In order to understand the breakdown of pricing, you must first understand the individual parts and why the charges differ.

Parts of a hitch and pricing


This is the most important part because it is the connection between your vehicle and the trailer by way of a tube. Receivers are typically model and hitch class-specific, and they cost between $100 to $250

Ball mounts

This is the part of the hitch that is inserted into the hitch receiver tube. It consists of a shank that will go into the tube and surface to mount a trailer ball into

Ball mounts cost between $10 to $45 on Amazon depending on their style and make.

Hitch pin

A hitch pin is a small piece of metal that keeps the shank in place in the receiver. 

They are very cheap starting at as low as $2 to $20

Trailer ball and coupler

The trailer ball is what is inserted into the space provided by the ball mount allowing the trailer at the back to pivot. It also has a threaded stem for more movement allowance.

Trailer hitch balls cost about $5 to $50

The trailer coupler is fashioned to be attached onto the trailer ball to help it move smoother when pivoting.

Trailer couplers mostly cost around $20, but some go up to $100.

Wiring harness.

The wiring harness consists of wiring that keeps the vehicle’s and trailer’s lights in sync.

They are generally inexpensive at about $10 to $50


Safety chains are resilient enough to make sure that the trailer and vehicle connection is not completely severed if the two happen to detach.

They cost between $10 and $50 which is a plus because they are a good investment in security.

Fun fact:

There are six classes of hitches in order of increasing towing capacity. The weight they are designed to accommodate is the reason why one price is different from the other.

Best trailer hitches for bike racks

Some trailer hitches that come highly rated and recommended on Amazon include:

1. CURT 45036 Trailer Hitch mount

2. MaxxHaul 70270 Trailer Hitch

3. B&W Trailer Hitches Tow and Stow

4. Reese 7031400 Tri-Ball Mount

5. Towever 84181P Class 3/4 Trailer Hitch Tri Ball Mount with Hook

How long does installation take?

Installation will definitely take between half an hour and an hour if installed by a professional.

The time taken will also depend on the type of hitch.

Can I install a hitch myself?


If you’re up to the task. But you have to be very careful and meticulous when doing so, because if you mess up, you will have wasted your time and some of your money.

If you can follow a well formulated tutorial on the internet, then by all means go ahead. It will save you the labour expenses.

Will insurance cover my installation?

Some insurance covers have a clause for add-ons, but this is extremely rare. It is highly likely that you will have to pay for the install out of pocket.

Will installing a hitch void my warranty?


Installation of aftermarket parts including a hitch will not void your warranty. You are protected by federal law so you can pursue legal action in case of any trouble with the dealers.

Are hitches safe?

Unfortunately, as much as hitches are very useful to us, they are associated with a significant deal of risk.

Research has shown that vehicles with a hitch have a higher chance of whiplash to the passengers in the event of a crash.

Furthermore, if the hitch is loose, there is an increased chance of causing accidents.

How do I maintain my hitch?

Check your hitch frequently for any loose fixings or scratches and replace it when it is worn down to prevent the chances of an accident.

The End

I hope you now have a general idea of how much it will cost you to install your hitch.

Do all the relevant research when it comes to hiring the mechanics and ensure they are the best people for the job.

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