Do Ubers have bike racks?

As much as we love the fun and convenience of bikes, they cannot shield us from sudden downpours and accidental breakdowns of the bike.

So what do you do if you are stranded in these situations and you have nobody to contact for help?

The revolutionary Uber app service helps people without cars move from one place to another and is perfect for emergencies, but will they carry you and your bike as well?

Do Ubers have bike racks?


Uber once introduced a service known as UberPEDAL in which vehicles fitted with Saris bike racks would transport you and your bike at an additional $5 charge.

Unfortunately, UberPEDAL did not succeed for one reason or the other and they discontinued it not long after it launched. 

Now that there is no exclusive Uber option for transporting your precious bike, what are your options?

Order an Uber XL

This will not work for everyone, but it might still work if you take your chances.

An Uber XL is the best option because it will be spacious enough for your bike.

So how do you go about it?

  • When requesting the Uber XL, make sure you inform the driver that you wish to take the bike along in the car. If you blindside the driver, he is less likely to accept. Be transparent and the driver will probably appreciate your honesty and have compassion for your situation.
  •  Be kind and courteous and appreciate the driver for accepting your ride. 
  • Tip the Uber driver properly when you arrive at your destination and if he or she does not mind, you can take their contact information just in case of future emergencies.

Out of respect for Uber driver, do not place your dusty or muddy bike in the vehicle aimlessly.

How to transport your bike in an uber

To prepare your bike for transport in an Uber, some guidelines to follow are as follows;

1. Use your bike cover.

It is recommended that you bring along your bike cover in an emergency bag whenever you use your bike.

If you do not have one, you can carry along a plastic bag to wrap parts of the bike that can make the car’s interior dirty. 

If you wish to purchase a good bike cover, some highly rated ones come from Team Obsidian and Puroma.

2. Detach the add-ons

Remove accessories from your bikes such as bottles, lights and electronics before putting them inside the car.

This will ensure that they are not damaged during transit. Make sure you pack them separately and safely and don’t forget them in the Uber.

3. Remove a wheel or two.

It is easier to fit a bike in the car if you remove a wheel or both of them. For easier removal, consider purchasing quick releases for your front wheel. You can purchase one for the rear wheel as well but this will be more complicated because of the chain.

Some options for good quick release skewers in the market include the Shimano Ultegra Road bike quick release and Zsling Bicycle skewers.

4. Wipe it down.

You don’t want to leave the driver with an extra job of cleaning up after you, and also you probably don’t want it to be an embarrassing ride.

Try to remove some of the grime and dirt on the bike before putting it in the vehicle. You can cover the chain with a rug or plastic cover to avoid the spread of grease.

Altenatives to uber for bikes

Remember as we said above, some Uber drivers might not want to take your bike along.

In the event that this happens, there are still a few ways to get you home

Use the train

If you have access to an underground train and you know the schedule, you can take the train. 

There is enough space for your bike and you may not have to dismantle it. It will be even better if you can put it in a bike cover.

Note that some underground stations do not allow bikes, so confirm before going with this option.

Take the bus

Taking the bus is also a great and cheap option. Some buses actually have bike racks.

Just signal the bus driver and indicate that you want to load your bike on the rack and he will wait for you. 

Secure the bike properly on the slots provided and sit near the front to make sure your bike is safe.

Bike transport services.

There are specific services that specialize in transporting bikes. Do your research on some of these services near your area and find out their fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can regular Ubers install bike racks?

Technically, there is no rule against Uber drivers installing their own racks since the car belongs to them.

Ubers that have bike racks opt for trunk-mounted racks which are easy to install and remove.

Which bus companies have bike racks?

Fun fact: 70% of buses in the US actually have bike racks at the front.

Some buses with bike racks include BC transit, MARTA buses and Victoria buses.

Do Lyfts have bike racks?

The answer is No.

Unlike Uber, Lyft has never installed bike racks to appeal to a wider market.

Is there a bike option in Uber?

Uber also offers two-wheelers up for hire on the app in some countries.

You can hire an electric bike or scooter on the app. Just reserve one near your area, scan the code and enjoy!

Make sure that you wear your helmet.


I hope that answers your question. 

Next time you are stranded out in a sticky situation, remain calm and pursue any of the above options.

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