Do Greyhound Buses Have Bike Racks?

Greyhound bus is one of the most prominent intercity bus companies across the US. They have numerous routes for their buses and they are very comfortable to travel in with great amenities such as Wi-Fi and charging ports.

If you own a bike and you want to travel with it on a Greyhound bus, you’re probably wondering how to make it happen and what about Greyhound bike policy. So, can you take a bike on Greyhound?

Do Greyhound Buses have bike racks?

Unfortunately, as great as the buses are, they do not provide bike racks.


You can still bring your bike on board, but it has to be in a box or travel case and you will pay the additional weight fees of $30 plus tax.

Some bus stations will sell a box to you at $10- if you don’t have your own box you can call the station and book one in advance. If there are no boxes at Greyhound, you can buy one at your local bike shop or on Amazon. 

How to prepare your bike for transport on a Greyhound Bus?

As mentioned above, you have to disassemble the bike.

How do you do it?

1. Try to get there as early as you can, some people have reported that staff can be very unforgiving, and the fact that you have a bike will not help the situation.

2. Carry your own supplies for taking the bike apart. It is more convenient and time-saving.

3. Remove the wheels, quick release skewers will be your best friend here.

4. Remove the handlebars and their stem

5. Remove the pedals

6. Remove the seat as well as the post

7. Pack it as carefully and as best as you can to fit inside the box, since the box might be small.

8. You can use bubble wrap or foam as extra protection

9. Seal and tape the box properly before it goes on board. You can try to ask the staff nicely not to load it below heavy luggage belonging to other customers.

11. Keep track of your box and label it if you can. Sometimes there will be a switch in buses, so you have to ensure the box is loaded onto the next bus. Ensure you know the right bus it is loaded onto.

Which other buses have bike racks for their passengers?

If the guidelines for Greyhound sound extreme and you prefer not to deal with them, there are several bus companies that have bike racks.

Some of them are

  • DART buses
  • TTC buses
  • MARTA buses
  • Yolo Bus 
  • BC Transit
  • Metro Transit 
  • Golden Gate Transit
  • El Metro
  • AC Transit

These buses have bike racks at the front that can hold about two to three bikes.

Most of these companies state that they will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the bike. That being said, ensure you are seated at the front or near the front so that you can see your bike. Moreover, make sure that you load it properly.

Before loading your bike onto the bike rack at the front, make sure the bus is completely at a halt and tell the driver that you are loading your bike. 

Make sure the accessories are removed from your bike first.

Lower the bike rack and load it into one of the slots and secure it with the clasp. 

When offloading your bike, make sure the bus has completely stopped and after you remove the bike, return the bike rack to its former position.

Yes, but they will be treated as luggage and just like a traditional bike, they have to be in a box or case and there is an additional fee.

Can I bring a car seat or stroller on Greyhound Bus?

Yes, Greyhound will allow you to do so at no extra charge.

Can I bring my bike on an airplane?

Yes, you can.

Most Airlines will require you to disassemble it and pack it in a box, bag or case.

Hard cases are not recommended, because they will likely result in an overweight charge.

Important note:

Some airlines have an initial bike fee for bringing your bike on board, and some will allow you to check in your packed bike as usual bag allowance. 

For oversized or overweight bikes, most airlines will charge you a hefty fee of around $50 to $200+.

Some examples of airlines that do not charge a bike fee are Delta, United Airlines and American Airlines.

On the other hand, Aeromexico, Air Canada and Air France are examples of airlines that do have a bike fee.

 Conclusion – can you take a bike on greyhound

If you love Greyhound buses and you want to take your bike along with you on a trip, now you know what to do.

Remember that punctuality and following up will be your greatest allies if you decide on a Greyhound bus.

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