How to store a bike outside

How to store bikes outside After a day of cycling fun, some people enjoy the privilege of storing their bike in their extra space in the garage or an extra room in the house. However, some people are not able to enjoy this luxury.  If you’re one of those people, you may consider your options … Read more

Does Walmart have bike racks

Everybody loves Walmart- the wide selection of products at great prices, what more could you ask for? Whether you decide to take a brief detour to do some light shopping while riding home or you decide a bike is more convenient than a car, you need to know where to park your bike. Are there … Read more

Are There Car Rental Companies with Bike Racks?

If you’re bringing along your bicycle on an adventure and you need a vehicle for a limited period, a rental car is one way to go. Sadly, most rental companies do not offer bike racks along with the vehicle.  Why? Rentals are meant to be used for a limited window, and different users of rentals … Read more

Do Ubers have bike racks?

As much as we love the fun and convenience of bikes, they cannot shield us from sudden downpours and accidental breakdowns of the bike. So what do you do if you are stranded in these situations and you have nobody to contact for help? The revolutionary Uber app service helps people without cars move from … Read more

How to transport a Tandem Bike?

Transporting a regular bike can be considered relatively easy. However, the same cannot be said for tandem bikes because their design allows for more than one rider thus they take up more space. This article will provide viable solutions that will help you and your bike riding crew to transport your tandem bikes without a … Read more

Can You Put A Bike Rack On A Leased Car?

When leasing a car you want to avoid added expenses other than the necessary monthly payments.  A major drawback of leasing a car is the potential end-of-lease costs that would result from any alterations, damage, wear or tear.  These costs may make a person leasing a vehicle shy away from a modification such as a … Read more

How To Protect Bike On Car Bike Rack

Anyone who travels regularly with their bike will probably tell you that a bike rack is a godsend.  Racks are dependable when it comes to carrying bikes safely over long or short distances or even carrying along more than one. As much as bike racks are the best option, the downside is that the bike(s) … Read more

How to Transport a Bike Without a Rack?

If you love to cycle, you probably want to bring your bicycle along on an adventure, vacation, or other events. Sometimes you might need to use a vehicle because of long distances. Bike racks are the best and most convenient way to secure bikes when travelling from one place to another. Ideally, bike racks should … Read more

How to Keep Bikes from Swaying on Bike Rack

How do I keep bikes from swaying on the bike rack? Now: It can be extremely unnerving when you notice that your bikes keep swaying back and forth on the bike rack while on the move. While it is easy to ignore the constant movement- bikes swaying about isn’t a good sign. To learn more … Read more